MISE-TV(c) Increases VOD Channel Offerings

Expands Offerings To 15 Channels On It’s ROKU(c) TV Platform

December 17, 2021

Ypsilanti, MI

Michigan based MISE-TV(c) is increasing it’s video on demand (VOD) channels and available content catalog as it viewership numbers continue to increase and to offer users more control and variety of their viewing options on the network.

The network has increased it channel offerings from five to fifteen, highlighted by it’s recent agreement with the Canadian based ‘TDC – The Disability Channel’ and it’s spotlight nameplate ‘The Detroit Today Show’ hosted by Zach Damon.

Zach Damon, a local media personality, is perhaps best known for being the host and producer of the Washtenaw County based ‘ANN ARBOR TONIGHT(c)’, a cable TV show is produced at CTN in Ann Arbor. AAT(c) was co-created and co-produced by the late, legendary Bert ‘Chili’ Challis. Challis was a long time writer on ‘The Tonight Show(c) during the Jay Leno reign of the show. ‘ANN ARBOR TONIGHT(c) is one of the VOD channels that MISE-TV(c) hosts.

Other VOD channels include:

  • The Trailer Depot(c) which features trailers from upcoming and recently released films that will be in theaters or major streaming outlets.
  • String Theory(c) marionette mayhem and dark comedy abounds in this cold war era based show about two mad scientists who inhabit the same small South American island, totally oblivious of the existence of the other.
  • 6FAT(c) a talk show with a twist, as Nahmu, the host travels to local SE Michgan area businesses for a behind-the-scenes visit and chat with the owner about how they got started in their business and of course, how they are surviving in the Age of Covid-19.
  • Money Matters is a channel devoted to financial knowledge and experiences. It will be anchored by the inhouse production ‘hOUR MONEY MATTERS(c)’ by TNT. TNT refers to the show hosts Terry Penny aNd Tony Dixon. Ms Penny has over 30 years of experience in the world of real estate investing and Mr. Dixon is a Realtor(c) and a real estate investment financing specialist. ‘hMM’ pre-production is already in motion, with the actual production beginning in mid-January 2022.

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MISE-TV©, “The Super Stream Of The Great Lakes©”, is a digital streaming network on the ROKU-TV© platform. The network provides a 24/7/365 livestream that delivers classic films and TV shows as well as newly created content from independent producers and production companies from across the United States and Canada.