The MISPORTS-TV(c) Program Guide

Ypsilanti, MI —

MISPORTS-TV(c), our FREE TV Channel on the ROKU TV(tm) platform, will post the day’s programming here on the website beginning Wednesday March 25, 2020. This information will also be posted to our Facebook(TM) page as well as our Twitter(TM) account.

It’s ‘Terrifying Tuesday’ today and our content features:

(Our FREE TV channel can be found on the ROKU TV(tm) Platform via “Search” or “Streaming Channels”.)

  • The Cold Room
  • Horror, The Blancheville Monster
  • The Wasp Woman
  • Teenage Zombies

Wednesday is ‘Westerns and Wrestling‘!

Don’t forget to check-out some classic college football games from 2019 by clicking on the MI Football Nirvana link here or on the Menu Tab above!

Please feel free to leave comments or film title requests!

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